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Kuliax 6.0 Released!

Last update: Dec 23, 2006

For about two weeks in a “freeze time”, finally we're from Kuliax Project have a gut to release Kuliax 6.0 codename 'bakpia', today, December 14, 2006. Please forward it to whom it may concern/need.

Kuliax 6.0 is GNU/Linux system distribution for education in University, Information Technology (IT) related department. But it's likely can be used by some others departments as well. Version 6.0 is the result of deep survey and applications suited to the Information Technology related curriculum/syllabus.

Kuliax 6.0 is the first implementation of Kuliax Project, a project to bring Linux and Free/Open Open Source Software to University Education. We hope this distro give a base effort for the next developments. Technically, distro for each departments, or education applications, non technical: documentation writing, exhibition, seminar, workshop, etc.

As the first developers from Kuliax, we know that Kuliax 6.0 is still in early development, so we encourage Linux/FOSS developers to join in and collaborate in this community project.

Bugs report, discussion, and development should go to our mailing list: kuliax@googlegroups.com.


System Requirements

  • 586 computer class or above
  • Memory 32 MB Text Mode and 96 MB GUI (recommended: 128 MB or above)
  • Bootable CD-ROM drive
  • Graphics Card, SVGA standard
  • Standard mouse: serial, PS/2, or USB

How to Get Kuliax 6.0

You can get Kuliax 6.0 ISO image in this following mirror servers:

Documentation, source packages, modifications, etc, will be provided soon.

Beside that, you can try to request Kuliax 6.0 by mail to request at kuliax.duniasemu.org, along with Name, Address, Telephone Number, and Statement that you're pleased to share Kuliax 6.0 CD to your friends, lectures, neighbours, and people in your town.

Patient is the key to request Kuliax 6.0 CD, yes we're just volunteers and use our own cash ;-)

Kuliax 6.0 Design

  • Linux LiveCD
  • Based on Debian GNU/Linux testing/unstable and KNOPPIX
  • Optimized Linux Desktop
  • Contains complete general applications: office, multimedia, productivity, utilities, …
  • Contains applications used in University Education (IT department related)
  • System and applications are suited to the curriculum/syllabus (IT)
  • Support Campus environment, ex: wireless access via hotspot, so we need WiFi drivers and utilities, etc
  • Other adaptations, modifications, mostly improvement and distro 'characterization'

System Specifications

  • Kernel Linux 2.6.18 –with -ck, bootsplash, UML skas patches– configured, optimized for 486 computer-class or above and Linux Desktop
  • Support many hardware (2.6.18)
  • Cloop and UnionFS
  • HAL, DBUS, Udev, hwsetup-ng
  • ACPI support, laptop, hibernate/suspend, automatic hardware detection, DMA enable by default, LVM, Bluez, IrDa, NFS, Samba, …
  • Filesystem supports: ext2, ext3, Reiserfs, FAT, FAT32, NTFS read/write via ntfs-3g, JFS, XFS, OCFS2, ROMFS, MINIX, AutoFS, FUSE, …
  • Wireless driver supports: acx100/acx111, at76c50x, bcm203x, ipw2100, ipw2200, linux-wlan-ng, madwifi, ndiswrapper, rt2400, rt2500, rt2570, rt2x00, zd1211
  • Bootloader: GRUB
  • X Server: XOrg 7.1.0

Applications List

  • Desktop Environment: KDE 3.5.5
  • Internet: Akregator, Gaim 2.0, KFTPGrabber 0.8.0, KMail, Iceweasel 2.0 (Firefox)
  • Graphics: XMRM, Gwenview, ImageMagick, Inkscape 0.44.1, The Gimp 2.2.13, autotrace, gif2png, qiv, xaos, xfig
  • Multimedia: XMMS 1.2.10+plugins, (K)MPlayer, VCD tools, Audacity, Kino 0.92+plugins, dvgrab, k3b, sox
  • Office: OpenOffice.org 2.0.4
  • File Reader: KPDF, KchmViewer
  • Brainstorming: Freemind 0.8.0
  • Dictionary: StarDict 2.4.8, English-Indonesian dictionary-database
  • Printing: CUPS+driver
  • Wireless: ndiswrapper, wireless-tools, wlassistant, wpasupplicant
  • Statistics and Data Mining: R-base, RKWard
  • Mathematics and Modelling: GNUPLOT, Octave
  • Electrical/Electronics and Digital/Microprocessor: gnusim8085, gpsim, ktechlab, sdcc, tkgate, uisp
  • Programming:
    • LISP: CLISP 2.4.1
    • PHP: PHP4 dan PHP5
    • Assembler: nasm 0.98.38
    • C/C++: GCC 4.1.1
    • Haskell: Hugs 98.200503.08
    • Java™: Sun Java 5.0
    • Pascal: Freepascal 2.0.0
    • Perl: Perl 5.8.8
    • Prolog: SWI-Prolog 5.6.14
    • Python: Python 2.4.4
    • Scheme: Guile 1.6.8
    • Smalltalk: GNU Smalltalk 2.1.8
    • Tcl/Tk: Tcl/Tk 8.4
  • Development: CVS, KDevelop 3.3.5 (IDE), Motor 3.4.0 (IDE), autoconf, automake, distcc, gdb, make, ncurses, whiptail 0.52.2
  • Computer Organization and Architecture: GNU MIX Development Kit
  • Operating System: UserModeLinux, VisualOS, qemu
  • Computer Network: BIND9, DHCP3 server/client, arpwatch, bridge-utils, etherwake, fping, htb-gen, iftop, iproute, iptables, iptraf, krdc, krfb, mtr, netcat, netpipe-tcp, openssh, scli, shaper (CBQ), sipcalc, stunnel, tcpdump, tcpwrapper, telnet-ssl, vpnc, vsftpd
  • Network Simulator: cnet
  • Web Server: Apache 2.2.3
  • Database: MySQL 5.0.27, SQLite 3.3.8, sqlitebrowser 1.3
  • Security: GNUPG 1.4.5, dsniff, nmap, outguess
  • Software Engineering: ArgoUML, GanttProject, sloccount
  • Utilities: abakus, bc, ethtool, fdisk/cfdisk, knetworkconf, ksysguard, mc, qtparted, rsync, screen, synaptic, vrms
  • E-Book: Operating System Book, created and maintained by Masyarakat Digital Gotong Royong (MDGR), in Bahasa Indonesia

Complete applications list: kuliax-6.0_apps_list.txt.

The Next Kuliax Project Roadmap

  • Learning Resource Center Application: lrc-1.0
  • Fix, improvement, and optimization (System/Applications)
  • Internationalization/Localization: KDE 4.x (ID-KDE), …
  • Compiling/create free application/course documentation and books like ilmukomputer.com or the one that Mr. Ibam and team from UI have been worked: Sistem Operasi book
  • Encourage community to join in Kuliax development: developers, packagers, graphics designer, tester, documentation writer, …
  • Create communication links between departments or universities via mailing lists, forums, FOSS products, conferences, competitions, seminar, etc.

That's all folks, the release notes for Kuliax 6.0. Long and weary for you to read :-)

Thank you for your attention.

Kuliax Public Voice

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