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We have split this applications list into two part: Lumpia, the first CD, and Saus, the additional one1). Need some more survey and research of applications used by people and universities, give us your hands!

CD #1: Lumpia

Section Name Version
Desktop Enviroment K Desktop Environment (KDE) 3.5.7
Development build-essential2), autoconf, automake, gdb, ncurses, whiptail, zenity, Glade 3.2.2 -
Revision Control CVS, SVN, kdesvn -
IDE KDevelop, Motor -
Web Development Quanta -
Programming CLISP, PHP5, CakePHP, nasm, Hugs, Sun Java 6.0, Freepascal, Perl, SWI-Prolog, Python, Guile, GNU Smalltalk, Tcl/Tk -
Database MySQL, mysql-admin, SQLite3, sqlitebrowser -
Dictionary StarDict 2.4.8 and English-Indonesian dictionary-database -
Internet Iceweasel (default-page, manual, bookmarks), FileZilla, Pidgin 2.1.x, KMail, KPPP, pppoe, rp-pppoe, wvdial -
Plugins: Flash+MPlayer-video-playback+FireFTP+ChatZilla+Zotero+Firebug+greasemonkey -
Multimedia Audacious+plugins, MPlayer, libdvdcss, vcdtools, Audacity, Kino+plugins, dvgrab, k3b, sox, multimedia codecs -
Graphics Gwenview, Inkscape, The Gimp, autotrace, gif2png, xaos, xfig -
Reader kchmviewer, kpdf -
Network BIND9, Ethereal, arpwatch, bridge-utils, DHCP3 server/client, etherwake, fping, htb-gen, iftop, iproute, iptables, iptraf, krdc, krfb, mtr, netcat, netpipe-tcp, openssh, scli, shaper (CBQ), sipcalc, stunnel, tcpdump, tcpwrapper, telnet-ssl, vpnc, vsftpd, LTSP, fuse-smb, vnc, xvncviewer -
Network Simulator cnet
Brainstorming Freemind -
Office OpenOffice.org 2.x, odf-converter, Kivio, Knotes -
Package manager Synaptic -
Partition manager GParted -
Utilities kuser, ksysv, speedcrunch, kppp, wvdial, mc, unzip, rar, unrar, kxgenerator, comgt, kdebluetooth, i915resolution -
Virtualization/Operating System KVM, VirtualBox OSE, VirtualOS, UserModeLinux -
Web Server Apache HTTPD 2.2.x
Wireless ndiswrapper, wireless-tools, wpasupplicant, knetworkmanager, wlassistant -
Software Engineering ArgoUML, GanttProject 2.0.4, sloccount -
Mathematics and Modelling Scilab -
Electrical/Electronics and Digital/Microprocessor gnusim8085, gpsim, ktechlab, sdcc, tkgate, uisp -
Security GNUPG, dsniff, wireshark, nmap, kismet, outguess -
Computer Organization and Architecture GNU MIX Development Kit -
Statistics and Data Mining R-base, RKWard -
Misc kernelnewbies-fortune -

CD #2: Saus

Section Name Version
Window Manager fluxbox, XFCE -
Development phpmyadmin, Bluefish, KBabel, EasyEclipse -
Documentation LaTeX, LyX -
Database PostgreSQL -
Electronics Kicad -
Graphics Blender, Scribus, XaraLX, Dia, feh, kpovmodeler -
Internet AKregator, aria2, ekiga -
Office keyjnote, keyjnotegui -
Mathematics Octave, GNUPLOT -
Dictionary idic, jVLT -
Multimedia AmaroK, mencoder, ffmpeg, Cinelerra, digikam, tvtime -
Network NTP, Squid, Webmin, ebox, postfix, lighttpd, shorewall, rdesktop -
Brainstorming kdissert -
Programming wxPython, Gambas2 -
Cross Platform Wine -
Antivirus ClamAV -
Engineering QCad -
Statistics and Data Mining rcmdr, Gretl -
Software Engineering imendio planner -
Source kernel Linux 2.6.21/2.6.22 with patches, applications -
Drivers fglrx-driver, nvidia-glx -
Optional Thinking Rock, multiget, kpowersafe, distcc, P3nfs, chemtool, xdrawchem, squeak -
Repository CD
libc6-dev, gcc, g++, make, dpkg-dev
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