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Fitur-Fitur yang Direncanakan

Fitur di bawah yang dicoret adalah fitur yang belum tersedia di rilis sekarang (8.0RC0) tapi masih diusahakan untuk diikutkan dalam rilis final.

Hardware Detection

  • hwsetup-ng
  • discover-data
  • Mostly for LiveCD
  • Auto-configuration: hardware, X.Org, and friends


  • One option/type for installation
  • Simple and straight steps
  • GParted for partition manager
  • Test: localization
  • Notes: always check and sync upstream project

Rescue CD

  • New feature of Kuliax 8.0
  • Opsi dalam menu GRUB: Recover GRUB
  • Simple menu with application and supports for rescuing (ncurses atau dialog)
    • GRUB auto-recover and editor
    • Auto detect OS on harddrive
    • Filesystems support: NTFS read/write, etc. Test: ext4, ZFS, hfs, hfs+, reiser4
    • Utilities: testdisk, partimage, clonezilla, ddrescue, sfdisk, clamav



  • Let the Linux system, desktop environment, and friends do the jobs
  • Menu Kuliax is still there, with bunch of possible shortcuts per courses

GRUB Editor

  • GUI or TUI application
  • Simple and functional GRUB editor
  • Auto detect OS on harddisk


  • Backup/restore utilities
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