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Packages for Kuliax 7.0


Kuliax Packages

Lihat halaman Paket-Paket Kuliax

Kuliax Backports

Backport packages from testing/squeeze and debian-maintainers.org archive, rebuild against lenny as the base of Kuliax 7.0.

  1. Lihat halaman Paket-Paket Kuliax


  • kuliax-artwork: g-i banner, GRUB splash, KDE config, KDM theme, Kicker kside, KSplash, wallpapers
  • Iconset: kde-icons-crystalkuliax, based on kde-icons-crystalproject
  • Usplash theme: usplash-theme-kuliax



  • custom base-files: issue*, motd, kuliax_version
  • upstart, add “Essential: yes”
  • sysvinit “single” package, set Essential to no and add Priority to extra since it conflicts with upstart
  • linux-image, linux-headers (2.6.30 for RC1 & 2.6.32 for RC2) for x86 and variants
  • syslinux help text and menu mode
  • live:
    • custom live-initramfs with live.conf
    • squashfs-tools 4.0 for generating squashfs version 4.0
  • kernel modules from unstable: acerhk-source, acx100-source, kqemu-source, tp-smapi-source, virtualbox-ose-source
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