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Kuliax Release

Kuliax Release is a Kuliax sub project that aim to prepare the release of Kuliax from the beginning until it ready to realease.

Kuliax Release adalah sub proyek dalam Kuliax yang ditujukan untuk mengarahkan dan mempersiapkan rilis Kuliax dari tahap awal sampai dengan tahap siap untuk dirilis.


Help Wanted

  • Release team
    • Know what is Release means
    • Broad range of applications knowledge and news in FOSS world
    • Want to do small and continuous research of the use of system, applications, features
    • Be able to write a notes


  • Forcing and focusing the development
  • Arranging schedule and roadmap
  • Structuring system and applications as well as maintaining exceptions
  • List and decide what to include in the current release and what not
  • Take a note on FOSS current and latest progress, case studies: user, developer, migration, etc.
  • Creating Release Notes every Kuliax release

TODO list

  • Doing research and survey of the use/availability system, applications, features, userfriendliness, user types
  • Drive the development of Kuliax 8.0, manage the team to stay on track
  • Synchronizing schedule and feasibility of deadline, communicate with all team members
  • Compiling and writing notes of development progress


Communication Channel

Reporting Bugs

If you want to report a bug or request a feature, please visit Kuliax Bugtracker.

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