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Kuliax is a free and complete desktop-optimized Linux distribution for desktop, research, and development use, especially in university education.

Kuliax provides most of available Free/Open Source applications, computation tools. It also gives range of supports and relatively new/latest features in Linux world today, such as new version of applications, utilities, kernel supports: filesystems, drivers, and many more.

Kuliax system is based on Debian GNU/Linux and various customized Knoppix & Kanotix scripts for the LiveCD.

Keywords: desktop-optimized, research, development, education, university


  • LiveCD: you can try/boot Kuliax from the CD and you can install it on your harddisk optionally
  • Fast and responsive: Kuliax system is configured and optimized for desktop use, for example Kuliax kernel is patched with -ck patchset designed to improve interactivity, latency, etc.
  • Eye candy environment: Kuliax provides nice and comfortable interface to work on
  • Hardware detection/supports and autoconfiguration: Kuliax will detect and configure most of your hardware
  • Modern computer and laptop supports: ACPI, Hibernate, WiFi drivers and utilities, many filesystems type including NTFS read/write
  • Contains complete applications for general use: office, multimedia, productivity, utilities, … as well as programs for university education

Development Status


  • Computer: i586 class or higher
  • Memory/RAM 32 MB for text mode and 96 MB for GUI mode (recommended: 128 MB or higher)
  • Bootable CD-ROM drive
  • Standard SVGA graphic card
  • Standard mouse: serial, PS/2, or USB (GUI mode)


Get Kuliax

Kuliax 6.0 is free, you can get it from one of mirror servers provided or buy it from Linux/FOSS distro stores listed. If it is possible, your neighbors or local Linux User Group (LUG) may help you to get Kuliax 6.0 CD, too.

News from Kuliax Log

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