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Get Involved

We are OPEN to all of you to contribute and get involved in Kuliax Project.

Promote Kuliax

  • Getting familiar with Kuliax, try and use the system and applications
  • Talk about Kuliax everywhere
  • Promote and make Kuliax demo to people around you
  • Spread Kuliax through Flyer
  • Make events which supported FOSS, especially Kuliax
  • Write a review or writing

Communicate with the Community

Kuliax Community is a place where you can share new ideas and help others using and developing Debian/Kuliax and other interesting stuff.

Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

Kuliax has an IRC channel in FreeNode.net network: #kuliax. To join this channel read this HOWTO.


Kuliax Project Log is located in log.kuliax.org which covers news, updates, notes, development status, maintainer, etc.

Mailing Lists


It is what you read by now

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs you found and request features you wish to include in Kuliax distribution via Kuliax Bugtracker. Read HOWTO Report A Bug.

Developing Kuliax

If you decide to enter the development area of Kuliax please read this HOWTO. We have many positions vacant and tasks in our project, see Projects and Tasks :!:.

Help Kuliax Project to spread freedom and openness on earth. Choose your interests and get involved NOW!

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