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Kuliax Project

Kuliax Project is a community effort to bring Free/Open Source Software (FOSS) to University education.

We try to provide bridge between students, lecturers, and civitas academica with collaboration to make a better education.

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  • to develop desktop-optimized Linux distribution, applications, and programs for University education
  • to make it available for used and developed by the community freely
  • to popularize FOSS, specifically Debian GNU/Linux system as distribution and its social-culture in Universities, also motivate people to support/contribute to FOSS, Debian and Kuliax


Many students and lecturers have been “addicted” to the closed-source and expensive software that they could not afford or not suitable with their needs. Universities encouraged to do something important to the real meaning of education by using and developing FOSS.

FOSS gives civitas academica freedom to use, study, modify, and distribute all software released under its licenses. We should spend more money to the empowerment of human resources, instead of products. Let's make all possible ways to do and share everything which strengthen the value of education.

We hope each universities generate as many as possible people who can develop themself and their surrounding with true and open knowledge, things that forgeted by some/most education institutions.


  • Focusing on desktop, research, and development use
  • Learning Resource Center application
  • Fix, improvement, and optimization (System/Applications)
  • Internationalization/Localization: KDE 4.x (ID-KDE), applications, documentations, …
  • Compiling/create free application/course documentations and books like ilmukomputer.com or the one created by Mr. Ibam and team from University of Indonesia: Sistem Operasi book
  • Encourage community to join in Kuliax development: developer, packager, graphics designer, tester, documentation writer, …
  • Create communication links between departments or universities via mailing lists, FOSS products, seminars, competitions, etc.


Linux and FOSS
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